Affiliate marketing is one of the tools of Internet marketing. This is a kind of method that was created specifically to promote business on the Internet, the partner benefits for each visitor, the one who subscribed, bought a product or just visited the site.
Who participates in affiliate marketing?

Usually, at least five parties participate in a partner company. Let’s analyze each of these sides.

• The marketing partner is working to attract traffic, services or goods that further connects with the buyer. The partner encourages the buyer to act almost instantly and perform all the necessary actions.
• The partner network is a platform for the promotion of goods and services that the company is trying to promote. The network is a kind of intermediary between the owners of offers and existing partners (advertisers)
• Partner network verticals and offers. Offers are specific goods and services that are promoted for a fee. Verticals are niches that are promoted through all possible mobile devices: games, utilities, antiviruses, mobile content offers, insurance, lending, clothing, products, appliances.

Advantages of affiliate marketing.

• You can always spend anywhere in the world, all you need is a laptop and Internet, and money in your account to spend it on traffic.
• There is an opportunity to make good money. Moreover, the profit goes constantly (around the clock).
• It is unnecessary to spend finances on the purchase of a particular product, rent office space, pay for an employee.
• It is unnecessary to search for suppliers of goods, to travel or to look for suppliers.
• It is unnecessary to listen to complaints and complaints of dissatisfied customers.

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