This must be the Gem’s vault! Level 50 – Brain Test 3: Answers – Brain Test 3 is a brand new word in puzzle games! If you managed to easily pass the first two parts (Brain Test and Brain Test 2), then now you will need to pass: reverse puzzles, role-playing levels, dialogue and chat systems. In some levels of Brain Test 3, we will have to communicate with numerous characters, answer their questions, although sometimes they can mislead us. We will be equipped with our own inventory, the items of which we can use to complete the levels. Items from the inventory can be combined together to get a new item. In this part of the game, we will need to help Alex collect six gems, throughout all the levels we will collect them. Also in Brain Test 3, we will meet with the main characters of the previous parts. The creators of this game, promise that it will be much more difficult to pass than the previous parts! Levels can not be completed by shaking the phone or stroking the screen. You will need to do several actions to go further. You can always find hints to complete the levels on our website

This must be the Gem’s vault! Level 50 - Brain Test 3: Answers

Arrange the stones as shown in the picture above