Every day, scammers come up with more and more new methods of obtaining confidential information. Original ideas, secret information or intellectual property can be stolen by people for selfish purposes. To ensure data security from intrusion, special silencers are used that completely block unwanted wireless signals. They are called signal jammer. You can find them on this website jammersmart.com.

What are cellular silencers used for?

Such devices are necessary not only for the safety of personal information, but also in educational institutions, government agencies, and research laboratories. Mobile signal jammers are also installed in cinemas, concert halls, theaters, so that no one can get through to the phone and does not interfere with other people’s rest.

Often such devices are used in the subway to ensure the safety of people and prevent terrorist acts. After all, most of the bombs explode remotely using mobile communications, and silencers can block the cellular signal.
Recently, devices have been installed in educational institutions for examination papers or Olympiads, so that students do not use mobile phones to search for answers to questions.

Of course, such devices are not always used only for useful purposes. Some attackers use silencers to disable the car alarm system so that the owner does not have the opportunity to track the stolen car. It is also used to disable the smart home system, building alarm and video surveillance.

What are the types of jammers

Cellular silencers, depending on the purpose and size, can be divided into several types.

* Stationary. These include larger models. Due to their high power, they are able to jam the signal over a large radius. They are usually equipped with at least 10 antennas. They are most often used on a professional scale for round-the-clock operation. For example, hospitals use powerful jammers for proper operation of equipment.

* Portable. These devices are compact, they can be put in a briefcase or in a pocket to activate if necessary. The weight of the jammers does not exceed 700 grams. Up to 6 antennas are provided for their operation to mute different frequency ranges. Autonomous working time – up to 3 hours.

* Muffler covers. You can also find special cases-blockers. They are used to block tracking of the subscriber’s location. Such devices are equipped with several compartments that not only block impulses, but also protect the body from harmful radiation.

Communication jammers are a great opportunity to protect not only your business, but also personal information from intruders. Depending on the scope of application, portable or stationary devices can be used, which will have the same impact, but differ in power and coverage radius.