Purpose in your resume: how not to do

  • Don’t put together a resume for more than one favorite and really desired new position. Putting more than one position in the “Purpose” column will only decrease your chances of getting the job. There should be a separate resume for each position.
  • Avoid wording that lacks technical specifics: “find a good job”, “make a lot of money”, “find additional part-time work”, “upgrade your personal skills at a large and famous company”.
  • Do not use too complicated wording. As a rule, they do not make any sense, but can spoil your way to the desired job.
  • The same goes for too long sentences. Your resume should be easy and interesting to read.
  • Do not specify unattainable, exaggerated personal intentions, which can hardly correspond to reality. Realistic goals on your resume will show the employer that you are motivated and have a good chance of success.
  • Try not to sound formulaic. All modern applicants surely want to advance in their careers, don’t write about the obvious things.
  • Don’t flatter the employer or organization you want to apply to. “Work under the smartest boss,” “get a position at the best company”-such wording is more likely to alienate a recruiter than help you.
  • Don’t write about responsibilities that are already listed in the ad. What you will do during your working hours are not professional goals.
  • If you want to spell out multiple goals, don’t write them in a line. As with long your sentences, it’s not readable.

How do you properly state your goals?

If you want to communicate your intentions more broadly, you can write a list of several goals that includes the tasks you want to accomplish. The benefits you can bring to the company, etc. But still be as concise as possible, write only to the point.

If you can’t exactly formulate your objective clearly, you can really skip the information about your professional intentions and leave only the job title and scope of the company. But keep in mind that in a highly competitive environment, such a resume may not stand out among the rest. Some summaries about the characters of manga comics, read on the website Mangazine.net

An employer who has read your resume with the right professional goals won’t leave your candidacy without attention. He will not only understand what you are trying to achieve, but will appreciate your serious attitude towards your company and your desired job.

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