Pick the apples! Level 241 – Brain Test: Answers – BrainTest is an addictive puzzle game that has gained wide popularity all over the world. Millions of users are ready to devote their free time to its passage. It is a huge catalog of various tasks, from the simplest and most elementary, which will take no more than a few seconds to solve, to complex and in need of a huge brainstorm. The game is suitable for all ages, which means that it can serve as a great leisure time for the whole family. Such games are especially important for children, as they develop logical and abstract thinking. If you prefer to spend time with the benefit of your own development, then you just have to like the game Brain Test. You will find a lot of useful and exciting things in it, and you will certainly not regret the hours spent on it.

Pick the apples! Level 241 - Brain Test: Answers

Click only on the apples. Do not click on the tomato, which is on the left, in the last task