Hello, everyone. My name is Maxim and my main conviction is that the modern man can work from home and earn above average. Today, I will briefly tell you about such a platform as AppWork, with which I began to cooperate recently. I hope you enjoy my story, in which I will describe to you this service and the factors that affect the ability to earn more money than is available for minimal needs.

My personal background 

It’s been a long time since I stopped going to a regular job. Now, my job is to work from home, and my only boss is me myself. Many of you probably now want to see the picture in which I ride my expensive car with a lot of money by my side, on which a big mansion is waiting for me ahead. However, this does not correspond to the reality that I do not earn so much money. What’s more, I’m sure that videos and photos like this are a sham.

Anyways, I started working at home long before it became mainstream, so to speak. During this period, I tried various options, but most of all I prefered to put likes, compose comments, stuff like that. Later, the students learned about this way of earning, and I began to earn less money there.

I decided to try something new every month at that time. I hoped that I would succeed. And so, you know, I was surfing the Internet and I came across AppWork. It didn’t get a lot of feedback back then, but I knew right away that it was a good sign, which meant that the students didn’t know about this platform yet.

AppWork platform

Then, I read the description and strengths of this site. There were no unique features, but this platform did not require beginners any professional skills or software installation. I thought it was a huge benefit.

Personal experience of the AppWork platform

I created an account:

Personal experience of the AppWork platform

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Then I came across an issue that diminished my enthusiasm. It was the need to go through two registrations, such as on this platform and at Google. Now, here are some details.

Kind of activity

This website cooperates with a huge number of corporations and businesses, as well as with private programmers who publish their applications at the PlayMarket. They just don’t want to waste time in the releasing process.

That’s why AppWork does this procedure by itself and is looking for people to do it. They pay the system, the system pays the artists and the platform takes the margin from those earnings. As a result, all three parties are satisfied with the availability of free time and earnings.

The user should sign in PlayMarket to release the application.

Suspicious factors

Registering a developer account is a paid thing. Google takes the money for this process. You can learn about this issue here. The registration fee is $25. You should pay money at Google to start working there.

The reality

In fact, everything turned out to be much easier. AppWork will refund the amount you spent with the bonus right after the performer deals his first task. This is logical, because no such platform would want to risk. Thus, it is a filter against students and couch potatoes.

Personal experience of the AppWork platform

I paid, a bit nervous, but I quickly completed the first task and got my money. Then, I began to earn regularly. There was no cheating.

How difficult is it?

It’s easy, and even my kid brother managed to do a couple of tasks. The only difficulty in working on this platform is trying to take the maximum number of tasks. But it depends only on you and your enthusiasm or desire to make a lot of money.

How much I earned

I earned three thousand roubles in the first period, plus I got my $25 back. However, there is one more important factor, such as the registration process, which takes no more than half an hour. I completed the first task in a couple of hours. Further tasks gave me great pleasure and I completed them with ease.

Of course, $35 is not big money. But, for a few hours of work, it is quite a lot. Also, this platform has a referral system, and you also can specify my referral code (LFLV2W) during the registration process and get a fine bonus.

Thank you all for your time, and I’m going to enjoy my bounty.