How to increase the number of likes and subscribers in Tik Tok?

Many people believe that popularity on the Internet is just a way to increase their own self-esteem. However, at the moment it is a great way to earn money. Nevertheless, you need to understand that it will not be possible to gain an audience just like that. To do this, there are many life hacks and nuances, which will be discussed in this article.

The first and easiest way is to participate in challenges. They are usually launched by popular ticktockers with a large audience. The essence of such videos is to shoot a clip to a certain sound and dance or do something funny. Usually, such challenge formats are marked with a special hashtag, for ease of search. The video will go viral if the challenge is executed correctly, and the picture itself is clear and of high quality. This will soon bring a lot of new subscribers and likes. In the same way, you can get followers on Instagram. Hashtags can be found in a special section “Trending” or “interesting”.

If the videos remain in the shadows and are not noticed by a large number of people, there is an opportunity to purchase advertising from more popular bloggers of this site. You should write and find out the cost of advertising, relative to the number of subscribers. Usually, ticktockers with a five hundred thousand audience have a price tag of 500 to 1000 rubles. After the purchase, it is best to ask the author to make a blow or record a reaction to a personal video.

In addition to advertising in Tiktok itself, you can purchase advertising in other social networks, but it will not be as effective. Instagram Facebook, VK, Instagram and others have the ability to create a special link to the video in the application itself.

In addition, you can get ads for your account for free. To do this, you can contact bloggers with approximately an equal number of subscribers (minimum 1000-2000). Then either blows or mutual mention of each other in the description of the video is done.

For the very new ones on this platform, you can resort to cheating likes and subscribers. Large coverage of views and likes will be able to pull the video into recommendations. However, this method does not provide long-term guarantees, since “fake” viewers are unlikely to comment and be active on the videos, and therefore there will be very few likes relative to the views.
What else is needed to increase subscribers. The most important thing is the quality of the videos being shot. Often, viewers immediately scroll through content that they don’t like visually:

1. A bad or muddy picture.
To improve it, you should plan a video in advance or write a script. You also need to put things in order in the background by clearing the background and fixing the camera on a tripod. Even a flat surface and some kind of support can serve as an alternative to a tripod.

2. Unsuitable for sound or track movement.
To improve this factor, you can watch other videos under this sound, catching the main essence, but not copying it completely. Often, there are special dances for certain tracks, the correct performance of which will “lead” the video into recommendations.

In addition, the video should be filled with emotions and original. Duplicates of anyone’s videos, as well as a dull and boring performance immediately repel the young audience, of which there are many in Tiktok.
And the most important thing is to be attentive to the wishes and comments of the audience. You need to read the comments by responding to them. This will help you better understand what they are interested in and what they are ready to like and distribute.

From all this article it follows that it is not so difficult to get a large number of subscribers in tiktok, but you need to make an effort and know the nuances. In addition, you need to understand that not all videos fall into the “recommended” tab, even those that are recorded according to all the rules. Despite this, there is no need to despair, and you should continue to record videos. The regularity of their release is also an integral part of popularity. The more videos come out, the more likely it is that a lot of people will see it.