Help the man escape! Level 232 – Brain Test: Answers – The exciting world of puzzles is beautiful and huge. Among the many analogues, the game Brain Test stands out vividly. It is the most prominent representative of its genre. Its main difference from other games is the multitasking and variability of levels. Brain Test will help the player not only pass the time in a queue or at a boring event, but also allow you to develop logical thinking and intelligence in a short time. The complexity of tasks occurs smoothly and evenly, after a while you will notice that it has become several times easier to solve the primitive problems that surround us in everyday life. There is no mystery as to why this game was chosen by a huge number of users around the world. The app is available on all possible devices.

Help the man escape! Level 232 - Brain Test: Answers

The zombie will not be able to get out of the trap. After driving it into a trap you can approach the car