Fix three of the driver’s mistakes. Level 29 Easy Game – Brain Test: Answers – EASY GAME – This is a challenging but interesting puzzle game that will make you sweat. If you like quizzes and riddles, then this game is exactly right for you. Use different mechanics to complete each of the levels of this puzzle. The game will help you develop your intelligence and non-standard thinking. The answers may not lie on the surface, to pass the level you need ingenuity. Develop your memory, and this game will help you with this. The gameplay is addictive from the first levels. You will find the passage of each level below. Is the fascinating puzzle already installed in your smartphone? Then start the game! Our website will help you with the passage of all levels!

Fix three of the driver's mistakes. Level 29 Easy Game - Brain Test: Answers

Tap on the phone. Adjust the rearview mirror. Fasten the driver’s seat belt